The Buzz

Once you meet Lucas, you can never forget him: he has that kind of effect on people. To say Lucas and the DASH gang are full of energy is an understatement. Positive energy is what they emanate: a positive take on life with diabetes, a life unbound by a chronic condition, a life where you can indeed flourish and thrive because of diabetes.

Manny Hernandez, President of Diabetes Hands Foundation

Lucas was one of the truly outstanding young leaders who ventured to Australia for the International Diabetes Federation meetings and for Youth Leadership Training. These young leaders came to learn about diabetes advocacy and education, and to begin to determine what projects they will do to change the world. What a collection of amazing individuals the Young Leaders are; bright, fun-loving and focused. Many have already made an impact in their home countries. And Lucas is one of the shining examples. He is committed to improving access to knowledge about diabetes and improving the environment in which we all live - making the healthy choice, the easy choice, showing people the advantage of exercise, and being a shining example.

Francine R. Kaufman, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Vice President
Global Medical, Clinical & Health Affairs
Medtronic Diabetes
Distinguished Professor Emerita of Pediatrics and Communications
The Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Francine R. Kaufman, MD

My two children, Tia 12.5, T1D 2009, and Negev 7, non-diagnosed, participated in the first DASH Camp last weekend and had a blast! They loved all the games and sports they got to try. My daughter came home wanting to join a La Crosse team. I loved the fact that both kids could do the camp together. Although it focuses on children with diabetes and educating them on managing their diabetes during sports activities, by being open to non-diabetic friends and siblings, it helps to normalize the experience of being a child with diabetes. We are all looking forward to the next DASH Camp. Soon!

Tamar Sofer-Geri, Parent

I enjoyed the parent portion and appreciated the support of the other parents and staff. I think it is important for Blake to stay active and motivated to be fit. This was a great day.

Lori Atkins, Parent

Playing sports prevents me from getting high. Dash Camp was a good experience especially as most of the other kids had to face the same problems as me. I don’t think playing sports with people who have diabetes is different than playing sports with kids that do not have diabetes. I would come back to DASH camp, especially if they do it as a 5-day summer camp.

Blake Atkins, Camper

DASH Camp for us as parents was a good way to connect with other parents. A gentle reminder we are not alone and have similar stories. It was also comforting to include siblings. Too many times, siblings get left out. Finally, it was not stressful to leave our children in capable hands for a couple of hours so as a couple, we can hold hands with each other.

Amal Prazer, Parent

“Best multi-sports camp ever! The staff was sooooo nice. It was fun! I never like multi-sports camps because they jump so fast from one sport to the next, DASH camp was fun and we had a little downtime in between each sport which I like!”

Coleman McDonough, Camper