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Lucas Fogarty, President & Founder

In 1994, Lucas was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He has been working in the field of diabetes since 2006. Lucas is a member of the CA Pediatric Diabetes Coalition, an adviser for Youth Speaks Bigger Picture Project, the Regional Chair for the NAC Region of the Young Leaders in Diabetes Program, a current student and a panelist and guest speaker for the JDRF. At Highland Hospital in Oakland, Calif., Lucas is a volunteer health coach and patient advocate for young adults and elderly patients in exercise management, diabetes identity and building rapport between patient, family and doctor.

Lucas has cultivated his passion for helping people with diabetes through working at Bearskin Meadow Camp as a counselor, speaking and volunteering at Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland, and being on the UCSF Diabetes Center youth advisory board for its transition program from pediatric to adult endocrinology.

In college, Lucas played both football and baseball for four years and ran an after-school program for a diverse group of Los Angeles school children. He also volunteered at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and created their bilingual diabetes education waiting room game.

After college, Lucas went to Belgium to play American football for the Brussels Bulls and baseball for the Brussels Kangaroos. Lucas led the Bulls to their first playoff appearance in team history, throwing 0 interceptions and 17 touchdowns. For the Kangaroos, Lucas was 10-0 with a 0.75 ERA and a .400 batting average; he also threw a perfect game against the Leuven Twins.

In Brussels, Lucas also worked with IDF Europe (the European branch of the International Diabetes Federation) to give advice on a workshop for a camp in Slovenia and to edit the group’s pamphlet, “IDF Europe Advocacy & Communications Toolkit.”

In May 2011, Lucas finished the 100-mile Tour De Cure for the American Diabetes Association.

Lucas knows that diabetes is different for everyone, and he is not even close to perfectly controlling his blood sugars with ease. His motto is: Every day is different, too. Some days are good, and some are bad; you just have to get through the bad days and enjoy each day as best you can.