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Awards + Accomplishments




  • DASH in Bali, two Livabetes Workshops and over 500 bg’s screened
  • 4 Dash Camps in the SF Bay Area
  • Friday Nights Live summer violence prevention program, teaching 150 people about diabetes basics every friday
  • Several community events related to diabetes awareness and empowerment
  • 100 mile Tour De Cure Ride with the ADA


  • 4 DASH Camps in the SF Bay Area
  • World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver Canada
  • Collaborations with the Diathlete
  • Over 100 volunteers in several states and countries around the world
  • Programs and partnership with the West Oakland Youth Center to deliver sports and diabetes education through cooking classes
  • Thousands of dollars worth of diabetes supplies sent to Grenada, Haiti and Syria via Jordan


  • 5 DASH camps in the SF Bay Area
  • Diabetes BE ME Project, mini documentary series with 17 young people thriving because of diabetes
  • Speakership in Karachi Pakistan around diabetes and sports
  • Grant and award from the San Francisco 49ers foundation for the Quarterback of the Community Award


  • 1 DASH camp in the SF Bay Area
  • Founder Lucas Fogarty takes a step back due to pursuing a career as a PA, focused in pediatric and adult endocrinology
  • 1 5k Run, BBq and story telling with the Diathlete
  • Support of supplies to friends in Haiti and Grenada