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Fabiana Couto, Parent Specialist

Fabiana Cuoto, Director

Fabiana Couto, MA, Certified Coach: 

Fabiana, a certified health coach, has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 19 years. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, San Francisco has been her home for the past two years.

Fabiana is the parent specialist with DASH. She works to create a unique and fulfilling experience for parents and youth with diabetes during our programs and events. Her main focus is to work with parents by facilitating panels with healthcare specialists and athlete role models with diabetes. She also facilitates sharing tools and developing parenting skills to create a mutual understanding and more effective communication between parents and their children. In addition, Fabiana strives to help parents and family members balance their lives and diabetes.

Along with her DASH responsibilities, Fabi spends her time working for the University of California, San Francisco Pediatric Diabetes Team. This project helps teens through cognitive-behavioral interventions to build more resilience in the face of diabetes, as well as provide one-on-one coaching to moms of teens with Type 1 diabetes.

Fabi has an undergraduate degree in social communication and a master of arts in psychology. She also graduated from a yearlong integral coaching program in which her certification was coupled with an intense training with various populations and a diverse array of master coaches and supervisors. During graduate school, she specialized in group dynamics and communication skills training for couples and family dynamics.

After a championship basketball game at age 13, Fabi wanted to lie down and cry instead of celebrate because her body was overcome by high blood sugars. Learning how to be a teenager and live with diabetes was a struggle at first, but eventually, she evolved to take charge of her diabetes, and now she feels healthier than ever. The reintroduction of sports into Fabi’s life was the catalyst in taking control of her diabetes identity.

Diabetes management with sports helped to maintain her physically and mentally. She has run a half-marathon, and her next goal is to run a full marathon. She believes that the greatest gift diabetes has brought to her life is the ability to constantly persevere to live life to the fullest and rise above much adversity.