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DASH Camp Info

DASH Camps: (Weekends of Spring, Summer and Fall) DASH Camp is a full day or days (10 am to 3pm) of sports. Depending on the field, we play a diverse array of sports games that incorporate a wide range of diabetes and life education topics such as symptoms, communication, stress management, action steps, complication prevention and much more. Campers’ ages 6-18 learn from our athletic role models with diabetes on the field and from each other. Diabetes management is handled by our medical staff, made up of volunteers from the top diabetes clinics in the Bay Area and our founder Lucas Fogarty.

We also provide lunch and breakfast for our campers with and without diabetes, in addition to providing a neutral space to learn through fun without the negative stereotypes that occupy many minds when they hear the word diabetes. For some camps we have simultaneous parent panels and small group discussions led by our experienced staff of people living with diabetes.

Our goal is to have every camper believe that they can thrive and flourish because of diabetes, not despite it. DASH camps are our marquee events of the year to celebrate Champions Because of Diabetes and are open to everyone. To sign up click here, and for a sample of previous camp schedules click here