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DASH Educator Program



Program Description:


Every year DASH will train 10 veteran volunteers for our specialized DASH Educator program. The goal of this program is to prepare future med staff for the nuances of diabetes management for kids and adults while playing competitive sports. We intensely cover the basics of carb counting, meal time decisions, blood glucose checking, BG analysis and trends, dosing and variable consideration for quality decision making space.

Additional curriculum will cover the ins and outs of insulin pump management, continuous glucose monitoring, reading insulin pump and BG meter data graphs and charts, latest oral medication dosing and problem solving, evaluating diabetes management compliance, and developing a diabetes support team in clinic, amongst peers and at home. At DASH we’re strongly devoted to empowering people with diabetes to be their experts in diabetes management and we will teach the DASH educators our technique in creating and sustaining this working rapport between the person with diabetes, the family, the medical team and general society we live in.


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