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Parent Video Program

Project Description:


This program is a work in progress. The goal is for parents to have a private space to vent their feelings and questions and anger about life with diabetes on their screen. Watching your face in person helps, and sometimes it hurts even more, but if you keep these feelings inside your body they will not be processed. We want this program to help parents process what it means for them to have diabetes or to have a child with diabetes.

As an opt in option, we will create a separate database of these parent videos as a resource to other parents who also opt in. The other option will be to watch your video once and then delete it. The video resource will be coupled with parent diabetes assessment modules and an option for local diabetes resources, a database create and connected by DASH team members or DASH member affiliates across the globe.

Parents, you are such an important part of diabetes life, we can not thank you enough, we want to provide more online resources that are coupled with our in person programs. We always appreciate feedback and will be creating several focus groups. If interested please, let us know here! 


Below is a photo of Lucas’s beautiful parents, Dave and Felicity. Their motto at home was “Diabetes, Diabetes, you suck!”