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Friday Nights Live

Program Description:


During Fridays in the summer, DASH, The City of Oakland, The YMCA, and several other city and community based organizations devote their time to neighborhoods surrounding Market and Brockhurst in West Oakland. The key objective for these events is to provide an alternative to boredom and violence in the community on a Friday night.

DASH runs basketball dunk contests with high blood sugar symptom awareness, while other activities include food and nutrition, face painting, spray painting portraits, a bbq, drumming, a dj and raffle prizes at the end of the day.


This program provides a space for the healing process of a community deeply effected and affected by cyclic poverty, institutional racism, and disproportional negative health outcomes. Several volunteers and future leaders of DASH have and will continue to come out of programs just like this.


For more info please contact us here and we will put you in touch with the current organizer