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A Diabetes Education Program in Bali, Indonesia

Program Description:


In Eastern and Central Bali (Klungkung and Ubud) DASH has trained, directly helped and assessed diabetes life and management. An initial grant from Novo Nordisk Indonesia, gave DASH a chance to develop a three phase grassroots diabetes education network in Bali Indonesia. The aspirations of the program include developing a Balinese diabetes curriculum in schools, develop local medical professionals and community members lowering blood sugar techniques, create the first diabetes database for primary care and specialist physicians, develop local business and employee diabetes workshops and find the leaders of Bali that will help to continue this program.


In on year, DASH trained 10 high school students in blood glucose screening, lowering blood sugar techniques, carbohydrate awareness and DASH sports activities. These students, with the help of DASH founder, Lucas Fogarty, screened a total of 600 blood sugars in 2015, in addition to running Bali’s first Livabetes workshops with world renown guest speakers, Anita Sabidi-Herlambang and Mohamad Firas.


Currently DASH is on hold with phase 2 of the program due to a lack of funding support. We wish to continue this project, but cannot do so at the moment.